About us

Homavispar company has been operating comprehensively since 2006 as a professional company in the field of information technology with the aim of providing practical solutions in the field of network, CCTV and security systems such as fire alarm and extinguishing systems, remote control, Burglar alarm, and all kinds of alarms, antivirus and intelligent systems (BMS) started. During its activity, this company has benefited from trained specialist personnel to implement several projects in the public and private sectors of Iran’s industries. Hemavispar company operates by providing security and protection solutions in order to increase environmental security, considering several years of experience in network security and setting up protection and security systems. To create a center for infrastructure development, the experts of Homavispar company have started their activities from the beginning in order to provide the best quality in specialized and support services.

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Our Services

Protection and security systems:

  • Installation of CCTV systems
  • Installation and operation of all types of uninterruptible power supply (UPS)


  • Consulting, supervision, design and implementation of virtualization patterns on VSphere, Critix and MS-Hyper-V
  • Consulting, monitoring, design and implementation of storage mechanisms including NAS, SAN and Tape Library
  • Consultancy, supervision, design and implementation of local area networks and VPN wide private virtual networks
  • Consulting, supervision, design and implementation of built cabling, optical fiber, optical fiber fusion, fluke test, OTDR test of wireless networks and all types of telecommunications systems
  • Consulting, supervision, design and implementation of all kinds of Microsoft services and servers and all kinds of monitoring systems
  • Consulting, monitoring, design and implementation of network and information security
  • Consulting, supervision, design and implementation of telephones over the network (VOIP) and Panasonic central telephone system


  • All electrical equipment
  • All types of optical fiber and related equipment
  • Al types of low and high voltage cables, network cable. Optical fiber and telecommunications
  • High and low voltage transformer
  • All types of servers and network switches
  • All kinds of telecommunication equipment such as telephone center


  • Consulting, supervision, design and implementation of all kinds of instrumentation equipment
  • Organizing the stray currents (earthing system, lightning arrester and ground survey and topography)
  • Installation and design of all types of LV and HV panels
  • Installation and design High voltage substation
  • Consulting, supervision, design and implementation of single-phase and three-phase switchboards


  • computer hardware
  • Active and Passive networks
  • All kinds of office machines
  • CCTV cameras and video conferencing systems
  • Fire and burglar alarm system
  • CCTV camera maintenance

Some projects

  • Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran

Design and implementation of network system, medium and strong current electricity, telecommunication, fire alarm and burglar alarm system

  • Homa Pension Fund

Implementation of network infrastructure, setting up network and servers, electrical system, telecommunications and video surveillance system.

  • Kish Air

Installation and supporting the video surveillance system

  • Chabahar Airlines

Setting up servers, designing and setting up network infrastructure, video surveillance system, electricity and communication

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Unit505, 5th floor, Baharan Building, No.1, the Second alley corner, Shahis Amooian Street (5th Bimeh Street), Ekbatan Town, Tehran, Iran